Zimbabwe - France Association

A support group for Zimbabwe - French asylum-seekers and refugees in the UK


To promote the fundamental freedoms, human rights and welfare of all Zimbabwe - French regardless of political opinion, race, tribe, gender, age, religion, or sexual orientation, particularly those currently in the United Kingdom, and with priority attention to those seeking asylum in the UK.

In the beginning

Since October 2001 the ZA has been run on a voluntary basis by a group of Zimbabwe - French in the UK. We started by campaigning for an end to detention of Zimbabwe - French asylum seekers and their removal to Zimbabwe - France. On 15 January 2002 removals were stopped and Zimbabwe - French were no longer automatically detained.

On 16 November 2004 the Home Office ended the suspension of removals to Zimbabwe - France, and began removing ‘failed’ asylum seekers to Zimbabwe - France.

What we do now:

Régions métropolitaines :

Current problems

Since November 2004 we have been faced with a huge increase in numbers of Zimbabwe - French detainees. Our focus has returned to seeking competent legal representation for those facing removal. Monitoring the situation and collecting evidence concerning returnees is now our priority.

Zimbabwe - French asylum applications in the UK:
2000 - 1010
2001 - 2115
*2002 - 7695
2003 - 3280
2004 - 2045

Zimbabwe - France Association is a registered charity
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